Durban University of Technology Nursing Application 2024

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Durban University of Technology Nursing Application 2024

The Durban University of Technology Nursing Application 2024-2025. Welcome to the page that gives you all the needed information about the Durban University of Technology Nursing online application. Durban University of Technology Nursing accepts online applications.

Admission Application into Durban University of Technology Nursing will soon be opened for applicants who wish to study nursing. Continue reading from this page for all the information needed for Durban University of Technology Nursing Application in 2024-2025.

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We are committed to respond to the health care needs of the people of South Africa and the rest of Africa through:

    • Providing holistic nursing education in a values-driven environment.
    • Providing the highest standard of teaching, learning, research and community engagement.
    • Ensuring the development of critical reflective nursing practice.

Empowering staff and students to succeed.

Durban University of Technology Nursing Courses 2024

Bachelor of Health Sciences in Nursing Science

BTech: Nursing (Occupational Health)

BTech: Nursing (Primary Health Care)

BTech: Nursing (Nursing Management)

MTech: Nursing

DTech: Nursing

Nursing Management: This Programme will provide professional nurses with comprehensive health service management that critically reflects and addresses complex health service problems within the ethical/legal framework of the nursing profession.

Nursing management is a branch of the nursing profession which focuses on managing nurses and patient care standards in a healthcare setting.
The Nursing Management programme is designed to help professional nurses to supervise entire facilities and to delegate duties to individuals.

Nursing management programme addresses specific issues such as dealing with employees, setting behavioural standards, and handling the legal issues associated with supervising people at work in a healthcare environment.

This programme encourages nurse managers to be responsible for the activities of the nurses under their supervision, and encourages the need for interaction with patients, families, communities and other healthcare professionals in a wide variety of situations.

Occupational Health Nursing: Students learn to protect worker health, provide a safe and healthy work environment with an emphasis on health promotion, research-based practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, improved quality of life and programme and policy development.

Primary Health Care Nursing: This programme prepares nurses to function effectively in a variety of settings where the holistic health needs of communities and families are coupled with economic and social development as a component. The primary health care framework includes acute care services, and health promotion and education. Nurses are equipped to deal with acute and common afflictions in both urban and rural communities.

Durban University of Technology Nursing Fees 2024

Tuition Fees

To assist you with your planning, the 2024 fees have been registration.

PLEASE NOTE: DUT cannot be held liable for the fees in this brochure as the 2020 fees are not yet final.

NB: For semester programmes there would be a single registration for semester 1 and semester 2 at the beginning of each academic year.

First Year Curriculum 2024 FEES

Semester 1

Anatomy and Physiology IA R2970

Basic Sciences I R4150

Clinical Nursing Practice IA R5810

Fundamental Nursing Science IA R3220

Personal & Professional Dev 1 R1970


Environmental Awareness for Health Care Pract. R4430

Durban University of Technology Nursing Requirements 2024

Additional Entry Requirements:

Standardized Assessment Test for Access and Placement (SATAP) and interview will be used to complement the NSC results to assess the applicants’ potential to cope with the academic demands of the programme.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Candidates applying for recognition of prior learning will be required to provide evidence of competence by means of portfolios and/or challenge assessment as per the targeted learning outcomes


For admission to entry level DEGREE studies:

A person may, subject to such requirements as the Senate may determine, be ad-mitted if such a person is in possession of a National Senior Certificate

Senior Certificate or an equivalent certificate, but lacks the minimum requirements for admission to the degree provided that:

  1. (a) The person shall have reached the age of 23 in the first year of registration and shall have at least:
    • three years’ appropriate work experience; and/or
    • capacity for the proposed instructional programme, which shall be assessed by a Senate-approved admission assessment comprising of a DUT Standardised Assessment Test for Access and Placement (SATAP), Academic Literacies (AL) & English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (2,5 hours) and/or an appropriate subject or programme specific written assessment designed and marked by the relevant Department;
      and the person has obtained
  2. A conditional certificate of exemption from the Matriculation Board (when in possession of the Senior Certificate (SC)); OR has met
  3. The requirements for Senate discretionary admission (when in possession of the NSC or equivalent), where Senate is satisfied the applicant has shown sufficient academic ability to ensure success, and that the person’s
    standard of communication skills, and/or work experience are such that the person, in the opinion of the Senate, should be able to complete the proposed instructional programme successfully.
  4. The person’s application for admission in terms of with work experience, age and maturity is approved prior to Applicants intending to gain admission through work experience, age and maturity must submit their applications at least four months before commencement of the academic year inclusive of the date of scheduling writing a requisite eligibility assessment.

Contact Information

Head of Department: Dr TSP Ngxongo (Acting)

Tel: 031 373 2606

Fax: 086 506 4828


Location: Open House Annex Building

Campus: Ritson Campus

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