How To Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeal [2022]

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How To Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeal [2022]

SASSA R350 Grant

Steps on How To Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeal in 2022. Find the systematic update on How To Submit the South African Social Security Agency R350 Grant Appeal in 2022.

A lot has changed about the SASSA R350 Grant, this includes the procedure on How To Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeal for 2022. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been beneficial to over 10 million people throughout the SASSA R350 Grant exercise. But unfortunately, some applicants were not successful in their R350 grant applications.

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In spite of the challenges facing the SASSA, the authorities of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) have appointed the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals to consider and decide on appeals relating to the R350 grant.

With the introduction of another party, the process by which unsuccessful applicants can Submit their SASSA R350 Grant Appeal has changed a little bit. But you should not worry because our team has dedicated this page to educating you on How to Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeal this year.

Steps on How To Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeal [2022]

Read the steps below:

Step 1: Visit The New SRD Appeals Website (

Step 2: Enter Your Identification Number (ID)

Step 3: Enter The Cell Phone Number You Used During The Application Process

Step 4: Click on “Send Pin”

Step 5: Once you receive the pin, you will be required to insert it and click “Submit”

Step 6: Select the month that you are appealing for

Step 7: Secret the drop-down arrow to choose the reason for your appeal application from the options provided

Step 8: Click “Submit” to complete the appeal application process

Click Here to access the SRD Appeal webpage.


  • You must appeal for each month that your request was rejected. Applications for appeal will be reviewed by an independent tribunal.
  • Since the Independent Tribunal already had information from applicants from SASSA, their processes were synchronised with SASSA’s processes, which led to a limited and minimum appeals process.
  • The Independent Tribunal will then investigate and determine if SASSA made any mistakes in evaluating your application, which consequently resulted in the rejection of your application.
  • Although it is advised that applicants must file their appeal within the first 30 days after receiving a declined status, 90 days is the deadline. After that, applicants will be informed by Sassa if their appeal has been successful or not.

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