SERR Synergy Learnership Application 2024/2025

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SERR Synergy Learnership Application 2024/2025

SERR Synergy Learnership Application 2024/2025 – Details of SERR Synergy Learnership Application 2024/2025.

At SERR SYNERGY we recognise the importance of adult education and the inevitability thereof in the Economic and Skills Development revolution of South Africa.

List of Learnerships in South Africa 2024/2025

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List of Student Loans in South Africa 2024/2025

Keeping abreast with industry trends, while remaining competitive, is therefore fundamental when bridging gaps between organisations’ current realities, their skills shortages and employees’ career aspirations. The short supply of skilled staff remains a serious obstacle to the competitiveness of industries in SERR Synergy country.


SERR Synergy variety of learnerships and skills development cSERR Synergyses make it easy for learners to acquire the skills they need for their specific workplace or industry. SERR Synergy learnerships and cSERR Synergyses are up-to-date and outcomes based, with industry-related learning material.

SERR Synergy training approach includes blended training methodologies which comprise of both conventional (classroom style) and e-Platform (online training) training cSERR Synergyses to specifically accommodate learners who want some flexibility to study in the luxury or privacy of their homes or offices. SERR Synergy cSERR Synergyses are up-to-date and outcomes based, with industry related learning material.

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